March 22, 2010


I was watching earlier on cable the Philippines' Vice-Presidential debate. It's fascinating to watch aspiring candidates lay their cards to the public.

Election is just over a month away. And I gotta say, I'm guilty for not exercising my right as a voter. I have not registered for this coming election and somehow I have never tried to vote since I was on my legal age. It's unintentional though. It just so happens that I'm away. But having watched the debate, it kicks right to me not being a part of my country's aim for change. I feel that no matter how much I would like to commend about these candidates, there's no help on my end. It'll just be like a sounding gong that disappears eventually. Hay, I regret not registering. I wish I could be a part of that change. Guess I'll just have to vote in prayer.

For those who are registered, I beg you to vote very wisely for the sake of our country. Let's save it.