March 10, 2010


“There is nothing permanent in this world but change.” Change can either be good or bad in one’s life.

Each journey we go through in life will always be an example of change. From being born to growing up, to living independently, and starting a new family, change is one of the main ingredients. When a person starts to have a family of his/her own, life will tremendously change.

In entering a marriage alone, two families will become one. And one of the challenges in the process would be the act of acceptance - of the family members of the spouse. Can we measure love through acceptance?

I know a friend who is now having a difficult time fighting against change and acceptance. When your boyfriend or girlfriend used to be nice to your family, is there a guarantee that this will remain when you’re married?

I feel for my friend. She’s torn between her family and husband. Her husband is cold to her family. He has changed unexpectedly towards them.

I guess there are people in this world who are not completely true to themselves or to others until the real time comes.