February 24, 2010

Stay inspired

I started to get a little worried and shaky after reading the local news yesterday and today about foreign workers' slow-hiring. I am affected by this news. Why? because I'm currently looking for job and if it is true, the chances of me getting employment might slow-down as well.

I thought the economy is recuperating. Too bad, I guess the rage of recession has not yet ceased. This economic slump has massively impacted the whole world. When will it stop? Urgh! My heart goes out to those parents who have children to feed yet unemployed. I hope and pray that everything will turn out well.

Let's all stay inspired. Pray hard...


Natalie said...

Hi Abi! Keep on trying and pray hard. :)

By the way, I saw your blog through GT. Dito din ako S'pore. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.