November 21, 2009

Thank you...

Lord, it has been days that I'd been feeling very wary and sad. But during those times, I never thought of giving up my faith in you because I know that You will never forsake me. I know that you work things according to your plan. And I take each challenge as a milestone to make our relationship more founded. And today, you healed my wariness instantly. You worked your magic flawlessly. I cannot fathom the happiness I have right now because of the wonders you make in my life, like what you always do. You give me big surprises, bigger than I can imagine.

But I am not forgetting that fact that I am one of your sinful children. I am sorry for adding so much burden to what you already have. But no matter how sinful I could be, I am certain that you still love me unconditionally. My heartfelt gratitude...Love You!