November 04, 2009

Getting closer

I'm starting to count the days I have left at work. Though counting makes it a little slower. Somehow, a part of me wants to stay but a bigger part of me wants to be completely free. It's the feeling of freedom that emanates more. I believe I deserve a good break after 2 years of hard labor. Hard enough to say that it is really darn tough to be under the supervision of a different nationality. Sometimes, we really cannot avoid criticism or racial discrimination because of which country I am from. And it is impossible to educate every single person that I meet in and outside of work to explain and defend how talented we could be in our own ways. My experience was just harder than I thought.

I am so tempted to go back home and settle for while because I feel like I've had enough of it. But the "challenged" part in me wants to face this head-on. I wish everything goes well.


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!