October 10, 2009

Wed Preps Phase III

A week after my birthday, Archie and I were off to Philippines to prepare for our wedding requirements. I have to say, it was the saddest vacation ever. We didn't get to enjoy because of typhoon Pepeng. It got us stranded in Baguio. Good thing we finished all the things needed to be done for our wedding preps. Although my other plans such as visiting friends in Manila as well as our outdoor photo shoot was canceled. But then again, overall I was happy that my wedding checklist was completed before Pepeng started to hit.

  • Food Tasting
  • Reception Layout
  • Flowers
  • Family Planning Seminar
  • Bridal shop
  • Bridal Car
  • Emcee
  • Pre-Nup photos
  • Invitations - completely unexpected packaging. We had to re-do the sleeve to look more "alive".

True enough, it is difficult to be a coordinator on your own wedding. But it's perfectly fine with me, atleast I know every detail of it. I hope we can pull it off successfully. I expect some humps but hopes for the minor issues.