June 08, 2009

Scrub it hot!

Have you ever visited any site lately that provides helpful tips for Nurses? Here is a site that can guide Nurses to a healthy and good living.

I've just visited the site called Scrubs. It has several links for visitors to explore. If you are stressed with work and needs replenishment or inspiration, the "mind" tab can help you. People who are conscious about their weight can also find helpful information through the "health" link. Not only that, Scrubs also shares insight about fashion. This is imperatively fascinating for busy nurses on or off duty. Not because they wear scrubs mean they couldn't be fashionable especially this summer. It is nice to create a new trend for the new season. Just click the "style" tab for more information.

I read one beauty story entitled "Lipstick Stat" from one of the nursing students who visits Scrubs. It is known to all that being a nurse means round-the-clock energy. And majority of nurses lacks a decent sleep. Megan shared her tips on how to look fresh and lively to patients no matter how tired she could be. She said that she always puts mascara and lipstick. The former helps to emphasize and give life to her eyes while the latter is applied every chance she gets. It makes her feel good. She feels that being presentable helps her patients look at her comfortably rather than be frightened.

So don't ever ditch looking great for anything. Whichever time of the day, always be ready and look great.

Is the information too short? Scrubs will give you detailed answers. See it for yourself.