April 26, 2009

Meet Onee

Aloha cyber friends! I don't know if there are still people who visits my site huhu. Work has greatly consumed my time that I've neglected my cyber home.

For the longest time I have consistently blamed work for all that I have lost in my personal life. But no matter how much I whine about it, I have one of the reasons to keep on going. And that is because of Onee, my new baby Canon. Yipee! I am so happy to have finally bought my own SLR. It was really a dream come true.

Having this piece felt like reuniting with an old-trusted friend that has gone for a while. And like what reunited friends do, I went to "tour" this piece for a quick test hehe.

Here is my first test. I was trying to capture the glistening water but failed. The sun had been playing hide and seek with me. Too bad, it was not a good day for a sunny 125 shot.

I'm still not pleased hehe. I would need more practice. It's been 10 years since I had a grip of this piece. Wala pang Digital nun hehe.

More practice and I will get it perfectly.

Finally, something that made me smile hehe.

Because of Onee, I have something to look forward to every day no matter how tired I am.


Rona said...

congrats, mare! nabili mo na gusto mo. ganda nung pictures lalo na yung flower :)

melissa said...

congrats!! enjoy and take as many pics as you can