December 03, 2008

My First Work Birthday

Today is my first birthday with DHL, I turned exactly 1 year. And to give me a nice 1 year welcome, I was moved to a new work station.

And not only that, I was tasked to help on some investigation which I thought wasn't that urgent so I hurried to go home. While at the bus stop, my boss called me to say the job needs to be done urgently and requested me to go back. Ack! Good thing I wasn't on board yet. Poor me had to go back and help. I still saw the sun so bright outside on my way back. But after the exhaustive here and there investigation, when I went home, there was no more sun shining but the moon hehe. It was my first time to work that late. I guess that's a hint that on my first work birthday, comes greater challenges. I just wish for the best to come.

Enough said, I still had the best reason to smile :)