December 20, 2008

Fast Forward

I miss my blog so much! I feel like I was just freed from a dungeon for not being in the blogosphere for a while.

In the short span of 2 weeks, my life was like in fast-forward pace. I was moved to another department at work which came in a huge box of surprise. Since my transfer, I felt like I traveled through a time machine because my time flew so fast that I didn't notice it's almost Christmas time. This is the only weekend I have for myself since I moved. Last week was a real work-my-ass-off kind of thing. My precious weekends were spent at work. Oh well, after I celebrated my first work birthday, here comes new challenges. I hope that in time, I'd be able to master the stuffs I am asked to do. I am still learning the ropes, it is indeed a big challenge for me.

Ok enough of that professional side. I just wanna share that despite my busy work schedule, I still managed to have time for my lurv, Edward Cullen. OMG! I have never been so attached to novels that I read until Stephenie Meyer's piece. I am driven by her great passion in creating such wonderful characters. Would you believe that I watched the movie for the Nth time now? Although the movie wasn't well illustrated as that of the book, I still watched it because of Edward. He was perfectly described and brought to life through Rob Pattinson's. It was indeed an amazing masterpiece. I hope that the movie sequel will be better, especially for Bella to act more like the character in the book. I love the book so much that I keep reading it especially the lines of Edward that makes me awe. Who wouldn't wanna be bitten? I feel like a teenager reading this book. For a busy and stressed-packed lady like me, reading the books keep me less troubled. It inspires me somehow. I'm still gonna start to read the second book. It's because I still wanna savor Twilight for now and I don't want it to end. Ok, I'm drooling in a broad daylight now haha. Tah!