November 05, 2008

Wake that brain up!

It's weird that sometimes I feel like I'm mentally drained. I haven't been proactively writing. Ack! Work and personal stuffs are really succumbing me. Everytime I reach home from work, I switch on my laptop but merely doing nothing. In fact, I've got pending loads to do, like finish the slide Archie has created, finalize some important matters and yet all I do is blankly nothing! Argh!

Lately, my carpal tunnel syndrome has started to worsen. If you want to know more about CTS, please click this link. I seriously need to rest and minimize too much typing or doing anything repetitive that aggravates the pain. Rest from typing? Would you? I've contemplated a lot of times. And the answer is hell NO haha! I just can't. So I've decided to purchase this glove reliever online. I'll have it shipped ASAP so I'll have a help. No more resting required hehe.

But then, thinking of how technology has greatly influenced us, I think we should not take our health for granted. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not just like a headache. It's not a one pill magic kind of treatment. I guess nobody would want their good hands sliced just to get rid of those swollen muscles like the photo below. Aaw! Scares me so much :(

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Rona said...

Waaah! This scared me! Baka ganyan na itsura ng wrist ko :( praning hehe