November 02, 2008

Loaded Saturday

Yesterday was one of the most exhausting days I had ever spent in the last few months. Whoa! My body is no longer as revved up as before. I feel like I've aged so much haha.

So how was it loaded? We started of our day with a little prayer for the departed in commemoration to Philippine holidays for All Saint's and Soul's day for Nov 1 and 2. After that, off we went to Tanjong Pagar to collect Archie's card. Later, we headed off to Ngee Ann City to open a bank account. Hmm, that was quite a long wait. But the bank lady was kind enough to let us go for a good walk at the mall and wait for her call when queue is cleared. Ok, so we window shopped in those high-end stores of posh bags and shoes. I was drooling over mid-day haha. Funny thing, we went inside LV store. It was my first time to get inside as I always see a chunk of shoppers waiting outside. Luckily, it wasn't so crowded yesterday. While inside, I was daydreaming that it was my own closet haha. I saw this one bag displayed and I was very hesitant to get near it or even touch it because when I looked around, I don't see people touching the bags. Hmm, so I'm not sure if that was how they shop or was it a rule not to touch the bag haha. I felt so dim-witted, clueless of what to do. Good thing I managed to kind of adapt what I saw from others hehe. So I moved away and looked around instead. Sigh, so near yet so far. But I thank for the experience.

Alright, so we continued to window shop. Actually, Archie was meant to shop as he needs some clothes for work. Thanks to Hush Puppies for their 50th anniversary, we definitely had a good buy. Eventually, the time was up and the bank lady called us up. Once done, we took a train to City Hall and window shopped again for shoes. I'm actually looking for a nice pair of stilettos. But I just didn't have enough energy and patience to walk some more because I was starting to feel really exhausted. Every after a bus or train ride, walking was the means of transport. Whew! So we just passed our time until we decided to head home and stop at Holy Trinity church to attend mass. Off we went with an hour bus ride. Since we arrived pretty early at the church, we decided to drop by at the Filipino store to buy some ingredients for our menus. After the mass, we didn't go home yet. We went straight to the supermarket to buy groceries. We thought of doing all chores in one day so we could just bum around the next day hehe. So to sum it up, we spent 12 hours doing all these stuffs in one Saturday. Praise God for another day despite exhaustion.