November 24, 2008

Helpless battle

Have you ever been in a fight where you're helpless? I am in a battle where I cannot fire back. No matter how ready I am, I just cant. And I hate myself for being in this position. I badly want to fight for myself, but I just feel that it isn't right. I feel this way because there are people affected, people that I care so much. And I just want to get rid of this awful feeling.

If only I could disappear right now. If only I have the power to teleport to a place where nobody knows me, a place where I could exist as me. I'm starting to feel suffocated. I need some air to breathe in.


Prima said...

that's the thng I hate most. Not being able to do anything. Hope to catch up with you pag umuwi ka na ulet dto :)

addyforest said...

I am sorry to hear that. I do experience the same thing..Just hope for the best and don't forget to ask God's guidance