November 16, 2008

East Coast fun-filled day!

Weee! I had a blast yesterday with some Filipino colleagues at the East Coast park. We had a BBQ party and it was really fun. I previously posted something here about my missing to play roller blades. Finally, I made it happen yesterday. Too bad, I wasn't wearing proper gear because I didn't know I'll be playing until King (colleague) told me to join him. Funny that he invited me yet he doesn't know how to haha.

Gleefully enjoying the ride without safety gears haha. I have not done this in years.

Snapshot of me panting like a crazy dog (but managed to smile) after a long skate. East Coast is like a hundred kilometers in whole stretch. And I didn't intend to burn all my fats in just one day by skating the whole park haha. I had to stop hehe.

Left-Right: RC, King, Ryan, Khay, Richard, Nellie, Me, Archie (Do we look behaved? Well, just for the photo shots haha!)