November 09, 2008

Another Tag!

I got this award from Badet.


Random Things About Me? Read on:

  • I love to experiment on traditionally cooked dishes. I always alter some of the ingredients.
  • I blog hop everywhere.
  • I stay up late on weekends watching my favorite TV series.
  • Sunday is iron day for office clothes. (Independence is what you master when you're away from home)
  • I'm anticipating a big change in my work which I am not happy about.
  • I want to go for a swim but the unpredictable rain stops me huhu
  • I want to travel soon.
  • I wish to fast forward this month to December.
  • I wish I could go back home and live the life I had 2 years ago, when mom was still alive. I will trade for anything just to have that life again.
  • I want to go back to school.
  • I'd like to buy the SLR Cam I've been wanting to have.
  • Someday I want to visit: The World
  • I need to practice wearing heels again - taller this time! Ack!
  • If I'll ever win a huge amount of money, I'll put up a foundation for the elders.
I'm tagging: Rona