October 08, 2008

Prison Break Update

Hi Everyone! I watched episode 7 of PB last night. I just didn't have time to update as I have so little time left. The current episode was very interesting for me hehe. I really applaud the brains behind this hit-show. The strong characters could be soft, too. Just like the task given to Sucre, he had to pretend like a hunk guy in the pool just to get close to the holder of Scylla. All viewers I assume may have apparently thought the same thing - that the guy is a gay. But hold your horses, when Sucre got invited in his suite for a drink, the guy happens to be married. And wanted Sucre to make love with his wife as his thing is useless (for lack of a better term) haha! It was a bit of a laughter on that scene. Nice one! Stay tuned...