October 24, 2008

Counting for a lonely Xmas

I haven't been able to update my site for almost a week now. I am stuck with work and the change of time in AU and NZ is completely nuts. I log in here just merely staring and scrolling the bar each time. Argh! I have so many things in my mind but with just little time to unload it.

My colleague is on leave for a week so I gotta cover for him. That means, my work plus his work equals stress hehe. I guess a week won't hurt, will it? I'll survive.

It's 62 days more before Christmas. Ack! I'll be spending again my second year of loneliest christmas and new year abroad huhu. I wish next year will be different and hopefully spend it back home with my big family. Here, not even a colorful light nor a christmas song is heard. I feel like I am in an industrial-desserted island hehe. Ok, this is not complaining. I just miss the christmas songs, christmas tree, lanterns, and santa. Can someone please play for me a nice christmas song? :P