October 06, 2008

DST Mode

Sleepy, this was the feeling that welcomed my first day at work today. Some parts of Australia and the whole of New Zealand is back to Daylight Savings Time. This means, waking up an hour earlier from my usual time which is 4:45am and 5:20am. Ugh! It's that time of the year again ranting every morning of each working day. I'm two months away from turning 1-year old with my job and I still can't get to accept fully the thought that I - have to wake up in the wee hours to prepare for work. Sucks, right? But at the end of the day, I am happy. Well it's because I'm done with my day while majority are only half way through hehe. That's what I gain from the pain of waking up early. Ahh! enough complaining! I love it anyway.

Anyways, before I even felt dragged and sleepy, I went to attend the 4th birthday of Moira yesterday. She's the adorable child of my high school friend Queenie. It was fun to see kids around, huhu makes feel old not have one for myself LOL! The food was great, thanks Queenie!