October 26, 2008

Do you want to get rid of Fire?

Have you experienced any fire lately in your office or company? Did the insurance company cover all that was damaged to your property? If fire has caused you post traumatic effect, well hear yeah! Hear yeah!


We are calling all business establishments, manufacturing firms, and other big companies that are starting to worry about fire problems, the answer to your worry is here. KBSPassive Fire has created fire proofing products to ease companies' agony. One of their products is fireproof sealant that is used to seal electrical cables, plastic pipes, steel and copper pipes that penetrate fire-rated walls and floors. This product is not only fireproof but also intumescent sealant. It helps to minimize fire from spreading. KBSPassive Fire came up with a solution that would make our place sound and safe. A fire barrier sealant consists of water-based thermoplastic resins, intumescent agents, reinforcement fibres, pigments and additives. Fireproof like this can even last 12 months in its original closed containers. What more is there to ask for, right? This product has provided more than enough use to maintain our businesses safe and fire-free. It is also a steel fireproofing. If we want our businesses to keep running, entrust your safety to KBSPassive Fire products. Try it to see for yourself and save your fortune from getting burned.