August 03, 2008

PMS Mode

My weekend was filled with see-saw kinds of emotion due to PMS. Ugh! Women really has to go through this certain phase in their lives in every month of each year. I seriously hate the mood swings because even the smallest detail or idea, I really fume about it.

Just like what happened to my new site, some angel was trying to play with it and completely forgot that blogger and wordpress are two different tools that cater to varying functions. Blogger is quite user-friendly while the latter is a manual-html-challenge. Poor thing, the original CSS was not saved. There you go, website became a complete disaster. huhu. I was so upset about it.I wasted 3 valuable hours of my weekend whining about it. I could have just let it be for the meantime while thinking of solutions. Instead, I made a big deal out of it because of freakin' PMS. Tsk tsk! Don't you just hate it too? It's like some external soul from nowhere suddenly possesses my mental and emotional being. Sigh...

Well, enough said. I really appreciate how the society have come to accept the idea of PMS. It's a great excuse for us. haha! Anyways, the anger was eventually compensated with a nice grin as my payout for niner got credited. All of my write-ups were bought. Isn't that great? Sure it is! *winks*