August 27, 2008

Nuts Crazee

People is going gaga over iPhone recently. Since its release, it has become a household name and a trendy epidemic.

But while reading several reviews, it seems that the not-so-hip thing about it is the battery. Some claims that it drains quickly. Well, with the load of different applications, I bet the battery is really consumed fast. Thus, a spare battery should come with it, dont you think?

And to add to this, I passed by this mobile shop with a huge poster of iPhone with its pros and cons listed down. Pros was highlighted saying that "over 800 applications available on Apple Store, 200 are free." And for the cons, it is unable to forward SMS messages, unable to send MMS, the camera is only 2MP. So, is there truth behind all these or just bad publicity?

For those with iPhones right now, care to enlighten us with your experiences? Please feel free to drop a comment at the bottom of this post.