August 31, 2008

Death Race

If you are a person who loves brutal online games, then Death Race is the movie for you. While watching it I thought maybe the person behind it made his imagination on games come to life. It was interesting to watch.

The movie only had a few characters yet it is a good one. Seeing Jason Statham drive is worth it. Hehe. I suddenly thought, what is it about Jason's driving? I made my itchy brain do some research to see if there is any professional history behind his cameo roles of driving. But in my research, Wiki said that he was actually a professional diver. All along I was thinking it was a typo-error missing the letter "R" to make it a driver. Haha. Of course wiki is always right. So I guess, my hypothesis over Jason's driving skills is just a theory. Nevertheless, the movie is cool and I find him sexy when he drives especially with the accent. Hehe.