July 19, 2008

Love the Water. Weee! Finally I got a dip in the water this afternoon. I went for a swim with my girlfriends. It was indeed a great Saturday. I am happy to share with you that my swimming is improving. Thanks to my good friend Che, that's her with me in the photo. hehe


It's weird but the water has just that certain connection with me. I just love it. I learned how to swim long time ago. My cousin taught me how to float, but that was it. I never knew more until I met good friends who started to teach me. Janey, taught me how to float in a supine position way back some 3 years ago in Bataan. Over the years I had enjoyed the skills I was taught until I got here last October. Che helped me to learn more. She taught me how to synchronize my breathing with the arm and leg movements. I learned how to swim by just mere teaching of friends. I never went to a formal swimming lessons. But I'm glad that I was able to cope up, maybe because I am really very eager to learn.

The ability to swim is not possessed by anybody. It has to be learned. I value it so much because I consider it a life-changing experience. Being in the water is extra-ordinary for people. Thus, the skill to swim helps us to adapt in it. Aside from this, it is a great exercise. It is good for people with asthma like me. I don't mind doing it everyday. My friends cannot deny the unending joy I have in water when they see me. I simply cannot resist. hehe I just love the water.