July 06, 2008

Fast Tracks. Hi! I had so many things in mind but it was all blown away because of exhaustion. I was up since 6am yesterday to attend a whole day training at Orchid Country Club. Darn, the group activity was really tedious. I sweat like a pig hitting the ping pong ball. And because of that, I had migraine which almost got me vomiting. Overall, training was fun! Another will be on Saturday.

After training, I went straight to Takashimaya POSB to open a debit card for my atm account. I need a debit card for my online transactions especially this blog gig I have. The gig is not much, but can survive for extra living.

When I reached home, we celebrated my friend's birthday. And I' happen to be in-charge of cooking pasta. So while still on the way home, I've managed to inform my housemates to prepare the ingredients to make my life simpler when I arrive as I've been up for 14 hours then. The effort was worth it, we all managed to have everything done and dined by 11pm. haha! Anyhow, it was fun! Happy Birthday Che.

Ok, so now it's time for bed. Till my next post! Tata...