July 29, 2005

Have you ever felt so driven on something in your life? The feeling that you think the world just stops, like no matter how you focus on something else, that thing is so powerful it draws you back to it. It makes you melt, an inspiration, a reason for you to smile. I call that passion. Something that you are crazy about no matter how small or big its value would be.

I know I am not the only one who has passion. Well, I have been watching the Dawson’s creek series and hell yes, I just cant let it go out of my system. Since college I have been watching it. I can well remember that I had a fight with my ex-bf out of that tv show. The sneak preview was on Feb 15, same date as my ex's bday. Hahaha. How insensitive of me. Hehehe. But I didn’t mind. After all, we weren’t together. I was in Baguio and he was here. Sorry, I chose the show over him. Hahaha. Besides, he’s long gone out of my system. LOL!

Going back to my passion, since I have the equipment to use in my tv production class, I didn’t miss to use it over DC. Each episode of season two was recorded on VHS. Yes, I did that. And I still have the copies of it. I regularly buy this foreign magazine called TV HITS, which has updates on the casts, posters, etc. mind you, I cut all of their photos and articles (about DC) and placed it in a clear folder which I keep till now. Well, I wasnt able to do the same routine in the coming seasons due to the obvious reason that I was studying, internship and all. But thanks to a friend who lent his DC collection which I intend to have it burned for my own keeps. And this is the same reason why I am not able to update my blog for sometime now. I am not obsessed of ‘em, am I? It just brings back the kilig in me. Mahal ko si PACEY! Hihihi. Swear, I haven’t been so attached to any unrealistic event. hehehe. This and the Party of Five series had always touched my heart. But of course, my attachment to DC is fathomless. I don’t know if you are appreciating what I am talking about but I know some would have this kind of passion like I do. Just admit it! Hehehe. This may be lame but what the heck!


This coming Sunday (July 31) is the birth date of my dad who passed away 4 years ago. My mom might cook something in memory of her better half. Besides the obvious reason, this is also the day where the family would reunite. Well, that is what makes me feel so sad cause since he died, we never reunited again, and it sucks to know that we only see each other when there are people who leave us. The last time we reunited was when my eldest brother died last year. It is in some point disappointing to have grown and leave the life you have started with your family. Things happen so swiftly that everything ends up to just a memory. Like the saying goes “ nothing is permanent in this world but changes.” True enough, my siblings have grown and now live a life far from home with their own families. I am the only left single so I am no longer that much hopeful that we could still reunite completely.

My mom is somewhat jealous that we feast during dad’s birthday. We always tell her that (we know) she understands more than dad’s. Dad had always been very strict. Nobody could start a conversation with him. It was only me who could do that. Not a father’s daughter, huh. I miss him so much. I always get teary-eyed when I remember him. But now, I want mom to feel the importance, too. I don’t want her to feel belittled just because she is submissive or have wholly dedicated her life as a full time mom to her children. I have planned for something on her birthday but because of the VL block, I think this plan would have to be moved again.

I am sick. I had sore throat for 3 days and as expected, if not stopped, would eventually have colds that trigger my asthma. I thought I am gonna have colds. Too bad, it was bypassed. Now I am having this mild asthma attack. So I took medicine last night. Thanks to mom. Sigh, good thing the workweek is over. I have time to rest.

Okay, I hope these entries would sum up all the days I missed to update. Ciao! Have a great weekend you guys!