July 21, 2005

"ano nga name mo?" isnt it pathetic when a person asks you this? that to think na magkasama kayo sa isang training? as if naman madaming participants. nakakainsulto lang na meron mga taong napaka-insensitive. ilang beses naman natawag name ko para mag-recite. mahirap ba matandaan ang A-B-I? there are small things (to others) that could be big things to others. hay! irita ako. hindi rin lang naman kagwapuhan e ganun pa. siguro nga maliit lang na bagay to pero nakakairita. it is so disappointing sometimes. i think im stuck, to a place where there is no other way out but the ultimate exit, to quit. haaay, maybe this is just one of the unhappy days when I feel sad and low. sana kayanin ko pa. i just want this week to be over!
There are times that I just cant simply think. Yeah, I made a decision to quit school. I am not indecisive of it anymore cause I badly wanted it. It would be unfair for my professor and me to keep on attending her class with my mind frozen. I am having difficulties understanding everything cause I feel mentally and physically tired. I dont know where the problem lies. It could be me or the teacher. Or maybe I was just rejecting it? After class, instead of resting and recall what was taught, I have to go to work. It was my choice after all. Nobody else to blame but me. Though I am grateful to have learned the basics. It would be my foundation of learning it in my own convenient time.

******* *
Things I would do if I were not afraid:
  • scuba diving (i always think of the Jaws movie)
  • bungee jumping (the cord might just be loose, i'd fall. but i really wanna try this sport)
  • hold a snake
  • watch a horror flick (i dream of it over and over again)
  • physically hurt the one i hate
  • embalm a corpse
  • make-up artist (of a dead body)
  • touch a tiger, lion and a wolf
  • live in the woods all alone

I couldn't think of anything more to write. Ciao!