January 05, 2005

its again another brand new day. i slept straight for 7 hours today, still not enough :( i got disturbed by my sis' call. she called up to tell me to stay alert cause she read in the papers that an earthquake will strike Philippines in relation to that tsunami attack. i didnt like that news cause it always reminds me of the earth shake in Baguio. i didnt believe of course. well, i don't want to. she even explained that the tectonic plate is in between Indonesia and Philippines. oh good Lord is getting furious over us. though some publications allegedly claims that the tsunami is a man-made thing. like, maybe they're testing nuclear weapons. this could be, but then its too inhumane for them to have thought of it.
anyway, for a change...naiyak ako kanina kasi nagsitext ung mga pamangkin ko back home to say thanks dun sa mga gifts na bigay ko sa kanila. tears of joy. la lang, im such a cry baby and i feel good with simple thank you's. it may be a small thing to other people but it sure is a big thing for me and it's a nice thing to start the day.