February 23, 2010


My previous posts had all been about the happy-getting-away-from-the-real-world kind of thing. But seriously, there had been a lot of realization and adjustments in between those happy days.

So yeah, I did tie the knot with my man of 6 years. And the decision didn't happen so instantly as if everything was perfectly fine. It was actually like second to impossible that we'll ever make it happen, but we did it. And it was successful. It was the major leap we had in our lives. You just don't know how grateful I am that God allowed things to fall into place the way it should be.

After the wedding, everything sunk in. And then I asked myself, what's next? Can I handle having to instantly become a part of an existing family? Will I survive, will I be accepted? How am I supposed to begin my new life? So many questions popped in my head and left me blur. I think I was taken aback for a while. And it had been one of the reasons why I went to Manila right after I dropped Archie to the airport. I was confused and scared to go home (in-laws home) all by myself. I needed to think it through deeply.

And after a few days, I had my answer. I needed to get home and face my new life with them. I had to prove to them that whatever theories they may have about "children getting married tends to forget their parents" isn't true to everyone. I had to make them see that not all cases are the same. It is tough to be married to an only child. My mom always told me that when the time comes that I settle down, I gotta try to live with my in-laws. And so I gave it a shot since I had the window of opportunity. My mom's words of advice inspired me. I told myself that if it won't work, at least I can say that I tried. Well, the outcome turned well unexpectedly. "Mother knows best" line should never be an understatement. It was indeed mission-accomplished. I stayed with my in-laws for the whole month and made them feel that I am genuinely accepting them as my new family as they did to me.

My vacation was after all a very fulfilling one. I praise God for it.